Are you being educated in a way that prepares you, effectively, for the 19th Century?

In Western Civ, we’ve been discussing the connection between industrialization and three related structures (all of which share, more or less, the same architecture). The structures are the factory, the school, and the prison. To this, we might also add the hospital or the asylum. The argument is that these structures arise in the 19th century as a result of an increasing need to discipline society. Michel Foucault’s
History of Sexuality, as well as his Madness and Civilization are the source of this once provocative thesis. That these industrial architectures are part of a broader systemic effort to control our society is now a commonplace idea, something evocatively illustrated in the lecture below. One point of discussion in our Western Civ class was whether or not these systems will remain. It’s an interesting point of debate.

On Public Education Reforms:

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