Who Choses the Supreme Court of Canada? You Do.

This morning I heard this most startling pronouncement: four of the nine members of the Supreme Court of Canada will retire in the next four years and who we vote for will determine who replaces them. The Prime Minister (via the Governor General) promotes judges to the Supreme Court and traditionally promotes those who support his (one day, I hope we can say “or her”) agenda. The parliament has nothing to do with this process.

The Supreme Court of Canada can consider (and cement into legislation) laws. Laws that are likely to be considered by the Supreme Court of Canada over the next few years include:
* Canada’s non-existent abortion laws
* Canada’s laws on young offenders

What this means, of course, is that who you vote for could lead to who makes law in our land. Yet another reason to vote!

To listen to more about this story, go to:



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