À qui la rue? À vous la rue!

It is with much idealism that I’ve been watching news reports and you tube videos and vimeo videos and hoping that my former students are out there, on the streets, joining the protests against corporate greed. I would love to hear about your experience, see your videos, hear the chants, or even hear why you didn’t go, or why it didn’t matter to you to be there.

One thought on “À qui la rue? À vous la rue!

  1. Dear Harrison,
    It was so wonderful having you in class; how could I forget? I’m glad you’re studying photography. These photos reveal a real talent. I hope other readers of this blog will check them out. Ones I particularly loved: the street scenes, the apartment scenes, all of them lit with the ambient greens and whites of modern lighting. The cool tones make them almost ghoulish, but yet they maintain a certain disarming innocence. The juxtaposition is startling and very much of today. Others–like the black and whites of the family–seem more timeless. This self portrait was particularly striking: http://www.flickr.com/photos/44252068@N03/5596728660/in/photostream/
    I won’t be around to see the vernissage as I’m studying in Europe, but please feel free to put up a brief invitation to all others who read the blog! I’d be so happy to see folks use this as a site to share wicked happenings in and around Dawson.
    Thanks so much for sharing this work! It’s worthy of hearty congratulations,

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