This image has virtually nothing to do with n+1 or with regrets. But it's striking.

I’ll add this page to my links page soon enough, but I didn’t want this recommendation to get lost. What I’m giving you a link to here is an honest conversation with two people (maybe they’re well known, but I don’t know them, and I didn’t google them because googling people is the biggest form of procrastination I know) about books and regrets and education. They’re smart people who dropped out of university, aren’t totally convinced about the “power of books” and seem, to my mind, sagely skeptical about much of the edifying storytelling we usually spin about what it means to go to school. (This doesn’t mean I don’t think school has value–obviously I do–but I think that the value should be ours alone and not a value that the would suit an employer or a parent or even an older person who has read a lot of books). In short, education (in whatever form it takes) would ideally serve one purpose more than any other: it would makes us more ourselves.

Check out the conversation here:

And look for n+1 magazine. It’s honest and full of good stuff.


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