Montreal Statistics

In this activity, we’re going to find out something about the population of Montreal by using the most recent data from a Canada-wide census. This census was conducted in 2006, the last year we had a nation-wide long-form census. In pairs, open up one of the following pages and prepare a 3 minute presentation to share the findings with the class. You must find out what the table is studying and put this in your own words. Note: use your resources–there are sometimes links at the bottom that explain the terms, and there is always the internet at your disposal to further clarify.

In your presentation:

  1. Describe the overall findings of the table in your own words.
  2. Tell us what surprised you, if anything.
  3. Tell us what this means about the nature of the sample we will generate in our research project. Reading these charts will tell you about the overall composition of the population of Montreal. It will tell you what percentage of Montreal are visible minorities (though we will pause to question this term); it will tell you about the age groups in Montreal; it will tell you where people were born and what languages they speak.
  4. Tell us what you don’t find about in these charts.

4 thoughts on “Montreal Statistics

  1. Category: language characteristics
    First official language spoken:
    English only: 20.7/100
    French only: 71/100
    English and French: 6.3/100
    Neither english nor french: 1.82/100

  2. Category: language characteristics
    Language spoken most at home:
    English: 16.9/100
    French: 63.3/100
    Non-official languages: 13.83/100
    Aboriginal languages: 0.006/100
    non-aboriginal languages: 13.82/100
    English and french: 1.33/100
    English and non-official language: 1.2/100
    French and non-official language: 2.54/100
    English, French and non-official language: 0.78/100

  3. Category: language characteristics
    Knowledge of official languages
    English only: 7.98/100
    French only: 35.01/100
    English and French: 55.1/100
    Neither English or French: 1.89/100

  4. Category: Language characteristics
    In our sample of “mother tongue” , there should be 12.06 people who speak English, 60.32 people who speak french, 24.26 people who speak non-official languages, 0.02 who speak aboriginal languages, 24.24 people who speak non-aboriginal languages, 9.79 who speak English & french, m0.62 for English and non-official language, 1.3 for french and non-official language and 0.34 for English, french and non-official language.

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