Greece, the Grexit, The ECB, the IMF, and more.

For today’s class, we read a number of newspaper articles written over the summer of 2015, when the risk of Greece exiting the Euro (the Grexit) seemed at its highest. Since then, the governing party in Greece called a snap election and the results have just come in: Alex Tsipras has been re-elected.

Today, we are going to write blog responses to five of the articles. They are by George Soros, Slavoj Zizek, Thomas Piketty, Leonid Bershidsky, and Yanis Varoufakis. These responses should take the form of an annotated bibliography, imagining that you were writing a paper about the debt crisis as it unraveled over the course of 2015. For an example of how an annotated bibliography should be formatted, look to the back of your course pack and/ or click here.

Post them in the reply section below, but not before writing and editing them as a group in Word.


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