Essay Assignment

The topics for the essay are as follows:

Topic # 1: Food and the Columbian Exchange

Topic # 2: Imperialism

Topic # 3: The Changing Roles of Women

Topic # 4: Socialism and Communism

Topic # 5 (2017): The Politics of Slavery

All Essay assignments must:

  • Be 750-1000 words long
  • Be Double spaced, 1” margins, 12 point font, Times New Roman, with page numbers
  • Have a title page, with word count noted
  • Be proofread and  spell-checked.  For those writing on French keyboards, please change the language to English so that the spell-check will be accurate.
  • Use quotations from all of the required texts; each paragraph (apart from the introduction and conclusion) must have 2-3 quotations and should bring together various sources. You are being asked to bring your sources into conversation (Click on the link for a short chapter with advice about how to make different opinions speak to each other).
  • Be written in the past tense
  • Be submitted to Turnitin November 24, 2016
  • The marking grid I will use to mark you will look something like this:

Marking Grid

  • Do not make the mistake of devoting each body paragraph to a single primary source because that will result in a series of book report-like summaries rather than analysis.
  • Ensure you use the required sources, and no additional outside sources.

Consult my Writing Tips for general advice on how to write and structure your paper.


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