Example Identify and State the Significance

Identify and State the Significance

A poor answer


Who – A Spanish explorer

What – An explorer from Spain

When – At the time of the discovery of the New world

Where: the New world

Why? Because this Spanish explorer sailed the Atlantic and discovered the new world

A strong answer


Spanish conquistador

Conquered the Aztec empire

1521 CE

Born in spain, conquered the Aztecs in Mexico

Like so many of the conquistadors of the time, Cortes was driven by greed for gold and power in the recently discovered new world. Accompanied only by a small Spanish force, Cortes managed to subjugate the Aztec Empire, which was the strongest empire in the region known as present-day Mexico. Rallying the tribes that had been oppressed by the Aztecs in much the way that the English and French explorers here capitalized on discord between indigenous tribes in North America, Cortes was able to capture the Aztec emperor, Moctezuma, and to take over the territory and the established hierarchy. This led to the eradication of many indigenous people and the establishment of Spanish and Spanish culture as the dominant force in Latin America.