IS Oral Presentations

You have been organized into five different Oral Presentation Groups. Please upload your abstract or introduction (you may choose whichever you think will most compel people to come to your presentation) to the appropriate group so that your classmates can read them and prepare questions for you.

Click on the link below for your presentation to post your abstract or introduction 24 hours prior to your presentation.

Wednesday, November 16 — Art, Film, and Art Therapy and Identity — Simon, Yana, Kathryn, Imelda

Monday, November 21 – No Justice — Dana, Jeremy, Jacqueline, Karina

Wednesday, November 23 – The Education System, Broken Past, Bright Future — Daniela, Christa, Ylanna, Andrea

Monday, November 28 – Political Movements and Environmental Protection – Aiden, Angella, Chaz, Nicholas, Giovanni

Wednesday, November 30 – Identity and Policy – Onkar, Imelda, Sam, Nikolina, Amanda

The Presentation

The presentation is rather informal.  You will present the findings of your research to your classmates. Try to make your presentation entertaining and interesting.  Make sure your colleagues understand what argument you made in your paper and how your research proved it.  You may opt to use a presentation on power point or Prezi. Presentations are generally about 5 – 10 minutes long. Presentations can be done in French.

Presentation Advice:

  1. Start by telling us your thesis (You might contrast it with what someone else in the group argued)
  2. Give us an outline of your paper—list the basic sections of your paper for us on one slide
  3. Then go into detail about what you prove in each section
  4. When you are speaking, remind your audience where you are by saying things like “While my first section discussed ‘X,’ my second section proves ‘Y.’”
  5. Look at people and make it engaging.

The Questions

In addition to presenting your own material, you should come to class with a page of prepared questions for your classmates. These questions are based upon you reading your classmates abstracts which will have been posted to the website. Sophisticated questions might put your classmate’s presentations in dialogue with some of the readings from our class. These can be questions that you pose to the entire group or questions that your pose to individuals. The questions will be written in your booklet, which you can hand in at the end of the class.