Advanced History: Frantz Fanon Presentation Group

For those who are presenting on Frantz Fanon in Advanced History, the dates for the presentation are April 15. Use the reply function on this page to coordinate the presentation. You can look at the Marx Presentation Group to see an example of how this works.

If you would like any material to be uploaded to this website, please email me one single file at


17 thoughts on “Advanced History: Frantz Fanon Presentation Group

  1. 1. Do you believe that it was in the French colonizers best intention to create a “us” versus “them” in Algeria. If so why if you do not think so Why?
    2. Do you think there is any such thing as humane torture? If so give an example.
    3. Do you think the French colonizers should have stayed in Algeria to fight this war or should have left Algeria as soon as it became violent or should have stayed and tried to win?

  2. Fanon argues that violence is inevitable between groups who are “opposed to each other by their very nature.” Governments and world leaders claim to have taken large steps towards equality but will one group always dominate another? With that said, can there ever be peace between different racial groups? If not, why doesn’t peace work?

    • Oops…forgot to write my name. Those are my questions. Should I put everyone’s all together or has someone already started on that?

  3. Is the use violence ever necessary?
    – Could past problems have been resolved without the use of violence?
    – Could any have been more successful with violence?

  4. This is my question:
    What do you think about violence, Franz Fanon see’s it as a means by which you can reclaim identity/humanity, do you agree with that?

    • i think we can but we have to hand in a printed version of all our questions so that why i wanted people to post it on the blog….. also considering that we are 10 people, it would be beneficial in that no one would have the same question

  5. HI,
    so here is what everyone is responsible for the group oral on wednesday
    1- colonization of Africa- Like
    2- FLN- Vanessa
    3- Fanon’s background- Frank
    4- Book 1- the Wretched of the Earth- Anne
    5- Book 2- I think the book is called Black Skin, White Masks
    6- His part in the FLN- Meaghan Hill
    7- Che Guevarra- Jaelle and Meagan

    We also need to make questions that we want to ask the classs. So write your questions on the blog so that our questions are not all the same.

    Have a nice weekend!

  6. sorry we didn’t have a meeting today… but we will do it on Friday after class so in the meantime, think of things that you would like to put in the oral

  7. Hello everyone,
    I was wondering if you would all like to meet tomorrow (Wednesday) after class in order to discuss and plan what we are going to do for our oral? If tomorrow is not a good time, then I guess we could do it on Friday?

  8. Hello All,

    As Anne wisely foresaw, I think your group is going to end up presenting the following week. This is not the end of my world, nor should it end yours. Instead, I hope it gives you a little breathing space in your schedule. Your essays will be finished, however, by this coming Wednesday (if not sooner). I’m posting the marks as I go.

    Have a good weekend,
    Ms. Parr.

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