How to Use Quotations (to prove your point)

Choose a quotation that concisely offers evidence that supports your argument.

In a paragraph, follow the SIE model.

State the argument you are making.

Introduce the quotation.

As (use the last name) Parr said, “it was a cloudy night,” (45).

Or, if you don’t mention the last name in the signal phrase, you must provide it in the reference.

As one participant pointed out, “it was a cloudy night,” (Parr 45).

Elabourate upon the quotation by pushing your argument farther now that it has had the extra boost of proof.

Therefore, the murkiness of the night demonstrates that….

Templates for Introducing Quotations (From Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein’s They Say, I Say 46)

Fill X with the author’s last name. In the case of two last names, use both; in the case of three or more last names, use the first last name and et al. For example, Parr et al argue that….

X states, ” quote,”(   ).

In her book Italicize the Name of the Book, X maintains that, ” quote, “(    ).

Writing in the journal Commentary, X complains that, ”  quote ,”(    ).

X agrees when she writes, ”           ,”(    ).

X complicates matters further when she writes, ” quote,”(    ).

X disagrees by arguing, ”        ,”(   ).


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