The Academy

Ever sat down to a very fancy dinner and wondered which fork is used for which part of the meal?Formal Place Settings ExplainedAnd then, maybe you wondered how it was that everyone else around you seemed to know, instinctively, which fork to use when?

If they do know instinctively (as opposed to secretly consulting a chart like the above on their phone in the bathroom before each course), chances are they have been raised in an environment that teaches them which fork to use when. They grew up with it.

Similarly, students who have grown up in families where their parents or guardians were highly educated or who went to private high schools have been given a similar kind of advantage: they know how to navigate the academic system. But what about for the rest of us?

Those of us who didn’t know why it makes sense to get to know the professors who teach classes that interest you, those of us who don’t know how to ask for reference letters, those of who don’t understand why professors get so upset about seemingly small things like spelling mistakes, font sizes, formatting? Those of us who’ve never really thought about how a  professor becomes a professor? The pages under this tab are intended to make the academic system a little more transparent, and hopefully a little easier to navigate.


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