Five minute mindfulness meditation. When listening you can aim to do a variety of things:

  • breath in and out of your nose only, keeping the length of the in breath the same as the length of the out breath
  • In addition to keeping the inhale and exhale the same length, you can insert a pause between the inhale and exhale or between the inhale-exhale and exhale-inhale. Eventually, your breath-pause-breath-pause may come to be like a square in the sense that each components take the same amount of time
  • Keep your back straight
  • When listening to the music, focus your attention on the fade and fade out of a particular sound: this is an easy way to practice paying attention

This article at this link talks about the benefits of mindfulness meditation. No one really seems to know for sure why these benefits accrue, and the question about whether or not such mindfulness can benefit you will be something you’ll come to on your own–but only if you’ve actually decided to give it an honest try.


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