Mistakes We Made – Reflection Paper

  1. Mistakes I made: page numbers in MLA are without a comma. They should be placed on the upper right corner of every page.
  2. Word Counts–Please ensure you are within 50-100 words of the word count.
  3. Topic Sentences–These must always be in your own words. Sometimes, for stylistic reasons, we’ll use a quote to begin an introduction or even a paragraph, but this is rare. Generally, Topic Sentences must be your argument in your words
  4. SIE — we’ll talk about this later, but when you use a quote, expand on it in the following sentence rather than just leaving it hanging. Make it work for you.
  5. Chapter Titles–Don’t quote chapter titles or article titles for that matter. They’re unwieldy and clutter your prose
  6. When you quote a passage that has, within it, another quote, use single quotation marks

Finally, this wasn’t something I required, but some of you took the extra step of providing and introduction and conclusion to the paper. This was incredibly effective and should be something you do with all subsequent assignments.


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