Oral Presentations #5

Please note, as of Sunday, Nov. 13, no one is scheduled for this presentation date… 

Using the “Reply” Function and entering your name, please upload your abstracts  or introduction according to the following format:

Title of Paper

Name (if you wish–this will be public, so you are absolutely free not to post your name here)


Please come to the presentation with questions prepared for all of the people who are also presenting on the same day as you. Don’t forget to see if you can link any of the papers to readings we did at the beginning of the course.


One thought on “Oral Presentations #5

  1. This paper describes the various definitions that represent Métis identity as well as the key elements than differentiate them from other Aboriginal peoples. Since the Métis has many definitions that can sometimes be controversial, the Government has accorded little interest to this community. This paper argues that Métis identity is not very defined, therefore, it creates conflicts regarding self-identification among Métis communities. One thing that is clear, is their distinction from other Aboriginal peoples. Thus, that is how they are often recognized and defined, as a distinct population. In result, few definitions describe the Métis has a person without any comparison to other First Nations. The distinction does not only occur between Métis and other Aboriginal peoples. Métis people from the prairies started to distinguish themselves from other mixed-blood populations in Canada. Métis populations in the prairies, descendants from the Red River, which many believe is the root of mixed-bloods, are the only ones that are legitimate for a Métis identity. They often fail to realize that blood-mixing communities existed prior to the Red River community.

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