Post War 1940s



I pencil. The essay about the free market.

Winston Churchill Iron Curtain 1946


Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948


UN representation — US, USSR, Britain, France and China had permanent representation in the Security Council.

Top Secret Cold War Document

Joseph Stalin responds to Churchill 1946

Joseph McCarthy 1950

President Truman’s speech, the Truman Doctrine

In this speech, Truman establishes the terms of the cold war which, highly simplified,  was to support “free people who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures.” (The pressures, obviously, came from the Soviets, and the situation at the moment of the speech, in 1947, was most heated in Turkey and Greece).

The Berlin Blockade

The Look and Sounds of Freedom

Bebop Jazz

When you’re Smilin’ – Louis Armstrong

Abstract Expressionism

Jackson Pollock


Mark Rothko