Research Paper Instructions

This assignment is the one that most closely resembles those that are traditionally submitted as a final report in RM. For the thesis-based written report, you must include the following components:


  • The topic of this research project should be clearly presented and discussed. In other words, it should be a coherent discussion of the question of Life in Montreal.
  • This should be followed by a brief discussion of the work that has been done on this subject by previous scholars. Because this is a more traditional format, you’ll need to have a section of your paper that is a literature review, that is, a review of pertinent scholarly sources on the topic. The literature review you did earlier in this class may help you out there. Don’t copy and paste the whole thing, just use the parts that make sense for this report. You can also add new sources that were not part of your original lit review, if you need something to bolster the thesis you will be making.
  • Finally, you should present a clear thesis that shows what conclusions you have drawn about life in montreal based on the interviews you’ve collected and listened to and the scholarly research you’ve read.

Research Design:

  • Discuss the methodology of your research project. Here is where you must talk about using oral history as a method of research, explaining why it is particularly useful for the current project.
  • Briefly introduce your narrators (at least four must be included), giving some background on who they are and why their perspectives are useful for your research report.



  • This is the body of your report – here is where you flesh out your thesis argument. You must include at least one transcribed excerpt from each narrator that links to the coherent thesis argument that you are trying to prove.
  • Each excerpt must be adequately presented and analyzed. In other words, make sure it is clear to me why you have chosen each particular excerpt. Introduce the excerpt and then explain why it is significant to this report (i.e. show me clearly how each excerpt supports your thesis argument).


Discussion and Conclusion:

  • Highlight the main conclusions that can be drawn from your analysis. This is a validation of the thesis you have chosen to work on. Summarize your findings from the analysis, illustrating the central message we can learn from your research report.
  • Provide a self-reflection of the methodological advantages and problems of this project, and suggest some future avenues for research on this topic. You may include a brief statement about how this project can be used to produce something for a broader audience.


Works Cited:

  • You must include a works cited in proper MLA format that lists all of the sources that you used in this report (they will likely be found in the literature review section of your introduction). There should be at least two sources listed here, which means that you must have mentioned two sources in your paper.


  • The entire report from introduction to conclusion (not including bibliography) must be at least 1000 words in length (though I expect that it will easily exceed this…).
  • The report should be in MLA format (i.e. in-text citations, and no cover page)
  • The text must be logically organized: paragraph structure, topic sentences, formatting, etc…
  • The text must be clear: grammar, spelling, flow of ideas, transitions, etc…
  • Do not submit your report in a folder of any kind, just have it stapled in the top left corner.



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