Quantitative Methods

quantitative, adj. and n.

(Def. Courtesy from the Oxford English Dictionary)

A. adj.

1. a. Chiefly Philos. and Theol. Possessing physical quantity or spatial extension.

b. That is, or may be, measured or assessed with respect to or on the basis of quantity; that may be expressed in terms of quantity; quantifiable.

2. Relating to or concerned with quantity or its measurement; that assesses or expresses quantity. In later use freq. contrasted with qualitative.

3. Relating to, concerned with, or based on vowel length. Also in Prosody: (of metre, etc.) based on syllable length rather than the placing of stress. Cf. QUANTITY n. 8b.

4. Chem. Of a procedure or a reaction: acting on the whole quantity of a particular substance or species; having an efficiency or a yield of 100 per cent. Hence: designating the yield or product of such a process.

B. n.

1. A thing which has (measurable) quantity or extent; a quantifiable thing. rare.

2. A word, expression, etc., which indicates quantity. Cf. QUANTIFIER n. 1b.

3. With the. That which can be described in terms of, or involves, quantity.