Research Project Resources

Here are some resources to help you build a website for your oral history.

First, here are some online oral history projects for inspiration:

The Milkman of Upper Lachine, see HERE

Project 55, see HERE

Mapping the Long Women’s Movement, see HERE

Erin Anderson, take a look at The Olive Project and What Hadn’t Happened

Here is an example of an audio walk–this might be another option you’d like to do.


I recommend that you make a website using WordPress. See HERE and HERE for tips.

For another website option try WIX. HERE is a guide for making a wix site.

To attach (embed) audio fields into a website you will have to store them online. I recommend that you use Soundcloud for this. HERE is the help center.

To edit audio I recommend you use Garage Band (on mac) or AUDACITY which you can download for either system. HERE is a guide to using the software, look through the whole guide.


If you want to make a map with markers that you can attach sound clips to I suggest you look at the following sites:
HERE is a website that describes different options for making sound maps. Go HERE to use the site I found easiest to use.

If you are feeling adventurous I suggest you check out DH Press. It’s the most advanced and beautiful option I came across. Go HERE for an example of how it works.


If you want to make a timeline I suggest you go HERE

For the Thesis Based Project, here is a good example.Final Report Student Sample


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