Revolutionary Thought

What is the dialectic and how has this method of thinking influenced thinkers from Hegel and Marx through to Mao and Che Guevara?

Karl Marx — 19th Century Political Philosopher and Economist; critic of capitalism

“Che” Ernesto Guevara, 20th Century Guerilla Fighter–Idealism personified, don’t you think?

And, what are we to make of communism today, in the 21st Century? The Soviet Union ended in 1990, the Berlin Wall came down one year before, and what remaining vestiges of the reign of comunism exist can be found on small nations like Cuba. Is Communisim still a political system one should take seriously?

Perhaps this question isn’t best answered by a man who appears so silly, but if you can get past the nose sniffling and the accent and the fact that he doesn’t appear to have washed his hair in several weeks, you might find some very interesting propositions in what philosopher Slavov Zizek has to say about our current economic and political system:


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