The Paris Commune

Napoleon III had established the Second Empire in France in 1852, yet he preserved universal male suffrage and said his rule was subject to popular ratification (Levack 717).

1860s France: The Liberal Empire

* parliamentary government, less censorship of the press, industrial development

But Napolean III was defeated militarily and captured at the Battle of Sedan

September 1870 — the Establishment of the Third Republic

Thiers was elected following his successful negotiation of an armistice with Bismark. He wanted to end the Franco-Prussian war, and wanted to, simultaneously, quiet the rebellious nature of Parisians, who wanted to continue the struggle against Prussia.

(Note: Germany did not unite until 1871)



The Paris Commune

* socialist and republican ideals

had revolted in 1848 and were determined to continue to do so.

They wanted to preserve the independence of Paris

When Paris Communards were killed in May 1871 (at least 25,000 were killed during the uprising), the Third Republic was rendered conservative. All of its socialist and liberal elements had been eradicated.


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