Signposting and Metacommentary # 2

On a global scale it is no surprise that inequalities exist amongst the lower classes. Income inequality, lack of access to health care and poor education are some of the many challenges that individuals are faced with. There is an ever growing socio-economic gap between the established societal classes. Throughout the body of this essay I shall be narrowing in on the income gap that exists in Mexico focussing primarily on the years 1990 to the present. In the first section of my paper I plan on discussin gthe decrease in teh standard of living in Mexico and the resulting increase in poverty levels. The second section of my essay will break down and analyze Mexico’s economy through monetary factors such as the GDP, GPI, and Gini index. In the third section of my paper I shall examine how the rural economy of Mexico is directly impacted by those migrating to urban areas and how this is reshaping income redistribution. Lastly my paper shall conclude by exploring potential solutions to aid in Mexico’s economic recovery–primarily teh implementation of a lifelong learning policy.

The primary focus of this essay examines the exist income inequality in Mexico, and in particularly comparing the the distinction between those living in rural areas as opposed to urban areas. There are many factors that must be discussed in order to properly understand Mexico’s economic standing. Within this first section of my paper, I shall be focus on the standard of living and the rise of poverty as a consequence. The secretary General of the IEF explains that “….”…..


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