Signposts and Metacommentary

I’ve used the image of the roadmap before to describe what a good thesis statement should do. Along the way from A to B, your reader will face some existential questions: “What am I doing here? Where did I come from? Where am I going?” Help your reader out. Tell them.

Readings in class:

A — No signposting

B — moderate signposting

C — excessive signposting

Template Sentences or Phrases

Please use these in your paper. (If you’re worried about whether or not using such phrases would count as plagiarism, don’t: these kinds of sentences are tricks of the trade and every good writer learned to use them from all the good writers that came before them. Plagiarism is about stealing ideas or elegant phrasing; in contrast, these sentences are about as original and as useful as the signs you pass on the highway.)

Earlier, I argued that X, here I’d like to direct our attention to Y….

In contrast to X’s position, here we see ….

With the historical background in mind, now I’d like to turn to…

In conclusion….





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