Tuesday/ Thursday

Each group in the Monday Wednesday class will be responsible for a different area of colonization, decolonization and (in all likelyhood) neocolonization.

Characteristics of a strong presentation

  • The presentation is visually compelling and clear
    • You have photos of key figures
    • You have a map or two (more if relevant)
    • You provide us with a clear timeline
  • The presentation clearly identifies:
    • Who were the original occupants
    • When the region was colonized and by whom
    • When the country gets its independence, and who are the main actors in the fight for liberation
    • How independence was achieved–was it a fight for liberation, as in the case of Algeria, or was liberation freely granted by the colonizer–as in the case of India?
    • Explain what has the post-colonial period has been like. For example, would the term neo-colonial apply and, if so, who or what entity has put in place the conditions of neocolonialism?
    • How does Frantz Fanon’s general description of decolonization apply to your specific case?

The options and associated readings are as follows:

The options and associated readings are as follows:


Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam


States of Independence

On the Rule of Porfirio Diaz 1909


Afro-Asian people’s Solidarity Conference 1957

Suez Canal, President Nasser Egypt

The Future of Culture in Egypt 1954

The Congo

U Thant The Congo Problem

Zaire_ An African Horror Story – The Atlantic

All Africa Conference

Leopold’s Ghost – Congo

South Africa

South Africa and Apartheid40s


Ghandi Quit India 1942


Ghandi on Non-Violence

Nehru Speech at Bandung conference

Nehru Non-Alignment

Canada (vis-a-vis the First Peoples)

The Sixties Scoop

Original Sovereignty and Colonial Experience

On the Treaties – Maps

Treaties – Timeline

Attiwapiskat and de Beers

Joseph Boyden, Attiwapiskat and Intergenerational Trauma

Everything you want to know

For a map of treaties and langauges


Kwame Nkrumah – Neo-colonialism

Franz Fanon-Neocolonialism

How to create a timeline

The first step is to, in your groups, identify a couple of key roles:

  • Tech people: the ones who are good at understanding technical instructions
  • people who like images, and finding them on the web
  • people who like writing, and can summarize key points
  • Synthesizers–people who want to orchestrate bringing it all together

The template for doing this is here:


An example of what the embed code will look like is here:


Some instructions are here:


In your group, you will create a presentation or a timeline that describes the process of decolonization for one specific people in one region.