Work Plan – Advanced History

On September 28, students will submit work plans for their upcoming research papers here. Please feel free to submit anonymously, though you must identify which was yours on the paper you submit in class.


3 thoughts on “Work Plan – Advanced History

  1. My work Plan:
    – Find 10-12 scholarly articles that discuss/analyze my topic
    – Sort through the articles to make sure they have a balanced argument and a variety of sources
    – Choose ones that display both positive and negative consequences
    -Edit and finalize my thesis statement
    -Work on topic sentences and body paragraphs breaking them down into positive and negative consequences with the first paragraph focusing on the general context of political corruption (what it is, how it happens etc.)
    -Come to a proper conclusion
    -Re-read my finished work to check for errors/additions
    Some of the obstacles I will face include a lack of definitive sources that analyze my topic within the specific time period as well as having an abundance of sources that lean in one direction (that is to say I may find eight articles that give negative consequences of political corruption and 1-2 that present positive consequences thus creating an imbalanced analysis). To tackle these obstacles I will have to go outside of the usual scope of research for my sources (going to different scholarly sources in a variety of areas: online/written journals as well as political books and periodicals) as well as having to do more reading to properly find and use articles that will promote both sides of my argument. I will have to look outside the traditional realm of political corruption as found from research already performed, the majority of articles conclude that political corruption has had extremely negative consequences in many different realms of the public sphere while the only positive consequences are economic ones.

  2. Here is the process from First Draft to Final Draft:
    • Make a thesis
    • Mark down the numerous topics related to that thesis
    • Find sources related to the topic
    • Make a folder on word document and keep all the sources there (database)
    • Highlight important passage that seem relevant that can later be used as quotations for paper
    • Summarize the articles
    • Re-write the thesis with the sources found
    • Make a outline
    • Start the First Draft

    1. Write down points that support the thesis
    2. Write the body paragraph
    3. Write the introduction
    4. Write the conclusion

    • Read comments made by the teacher
    • Make changes according to the revision made on the First Draft

    With my previous assignments and paper that I had to handover, I realized that I procastinate a lot. Everyday I open my laptop to do the assignment and tell myself I will only put play music on Youtube to make it more fun. Instead of starting the work I endup watching videos for several hours. I easily get distracted by facebook, instagram, snapchat, youtube and netflix. A way to overcome this problematic would be to turn off my phone first. Then ask a few friends and study in group, so everyone get help each other stay focus. Always take breaks in-between to go eat or just walk around,then no one has the need of doing other things during the work. Also, once my research is done and I have all the information needed, I can turn off the internet and just focus on the paper I have to write. In other word, I have to stay away from any kind of distration such as electronics devices to stay focus on my paper and take breaks.

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