Year 1000 Readings and Jigsaw

These readings will be the basis of our first jigsaw exercise, which is an activity that requires you to present your learning to a small group of people. Everyone will present the material one time, to a maximum of six or seven listeners. The activity has six steps that span two classes.

Step One: Read the reading your group chose.








Step Two: Ensure that everyone in the group has signed up for Turnitin.

Step Three: Come to class with a printed copy of the reading. You should have read and annotated it. Make note of things that interested you most as you went through the chapter as well as things you had questions about.

Step Four: Create a Presentation.  In class, you will put together a presentation that you’ll use for the following day. You may continue to work on this presentation outside of class as well. Please note: this presentation is part of your booklet mark. Missing either the preparation day or the presentation day will affect your grade.

Step Five: Prior to coming to class, everyone in the group must upload the Presentation to their own account on Turnitin. This means that prior to the presentation, everyone has a digital copy. The deadline for this will be half an hour prior to class beginning. (Be warned: it often takes a while for Turnitin to “process” files, so uploading it earlier is better).

Step Six: On presentation day, present your group’s chapter to a group.